Hybrid Water-Based, Nano-Acrylic Sealer - Gloss Finish



ID: 300

Hybrid is a water-based, nano-acrylic, reactive polyurethane protective treatment for concrete surfaces.  This high-sheen, eco-friendly, single-part sealer provides a very durable, protective barrier from staining substances, makes cleaning far easier.  The Hybrid formula dries quickly and creates a very strong, protective, blush resistant film. Once cured, Hybrid has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance; it also resists rain, UV, oil and grease, household chemicals and from dirt in general. Use for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Can be applied while concrete is still slightly damp (the surface, however, must be fully dry).  Please keep in mind however that no sealer is truly or fully stain resistant. The key to avoiding stains is to clean spills immediately, and that advice extends to all sealers, regardless of manufacturer.

Recommended a minimum of two-coat application.  Many users will apply as many as eight thin coats with the initial layers thinned as much as by 50% followed by a gradually lessening the thinning as the coats build-up.

Supplied in a 1 litre bottle. Coverage 8 - 10 square metres per litre

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