Welcome to Cemcraft

Cemcraft was originally established because as a Builder & Landscaper I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of choice in cement pigments found at builders merchants - any builders merchants. I'm sorry - black, red, brown & yellow just wasn't doing it for my customers.

Cemcraft now offers the greatest range of pigment colours available anywhere on the web, more than 30 at last count. Not only that, we make them available in sizes that suit projects of any size, large or small.  At one time the world of concrete was limited to the building trade, no longer.  Cemcraft supplies manufacturers creating Light Fixtures, Jewellery and Jewellery Displays, Plant Pots, Desk Organizers, House Numbers, Tables, Chairs, Clocks, Tiles, Fire Pits and every sort of Decorative Object that you can think of.  We supply not only Builder's and Landscapers but Concrete Worktop manufacturers, Terrazzo suppliers, Polished Concrete Floor suppliers, a Coffin Manufacturer and any number of Artists including one short-listed for the Turner Prize.

Cemcraft continues to expand our product range. We have introduced our own range of Release Agents, Admixtures and Sealants and we now are one of the only UK stocklists for products and advice aimed at the manufacture of concrete worktops.