Cemcraft PXRS - Mid-Range Water Reducing Plasticiser - 1000ml



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Cemcraft PXRS - Water Reducing Placticiser - 1000ml

A Water Reducing Plasticiser 'does exactly what it says on the tin'.  While concrete requires water to activate the powdered cement and turn it into a glue - too much water in a mix causes a number of problems.  It's not unusual to see someone add 'a little' extra water to a mix to make it 'more workable'.  However, if you add as little as six litres of water to a cubic metre of concrete you reduce the strength of that concrete dramatically.  You also increase the amount of 'bleed water' - the excess water that rises to the surface of a slab poured in situ. 

Either of these problems will cause problems when creating concrete worktops or decorative flooring.  Cemcraft's PXRS is used as a substitute for that extra water, still giving you a workable mixture without the loss of strength.  An additional benefit is that because it reduces the amount of water in a mixture, colours are more vivid, a distinct advantage when working with pigments.  Additionally, it will give you a more stain resistant and denser concrete which will polish to a better finish.

Cemcraft PXRS is designed to be used in Concrete and Floor Screeds - It is NOT for use in Mortar or Render.

Cemcraft PXRS is NOT a so called 'Super Plasticiser'.  Super Plasticisers, while fine for use in large volume concrete production plants are far too powerful for use in smaller scale projects.  There is one exception to this rule, if you are using additives such as Microsilica or AR Glass Fibres in Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete - either of these materials will make the concrete very stiff and hard to work.  If you plan on using one of the materials as a pert of your concrete then you should use Cemcraft's PXR-Max, a high-range water reducing plasticiser.

Cemcraft PXRS is a plasticiser which due to its specific formula results in an increased dispersion of the particles in concrete.

Cemcraft PXRS optimises the dosage of cement needed to be used to obtain a given compressive strength.

For an equivalent plasticity and after reducing the quantity of mixing water:

  • The concrete is denser,

  • There is reduced capillary action,

  • Depending on the dosage, there is an increase in compressive strength after 24 hours.

Cemcraft PXRS has water repellent properties and can therefore be used to reduce the permeability of the concrete.

Dosage: 0.2 to 0.9 kg per 100 kg of cement - that equates to between 41ml and 190ml for every 25Kgs of powdered cement.  A dosage of 62ml for every 25Kgs powdered cement is usually a good starting point.

Shelf Life - 18 months.

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