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Cemcraft VXRT - Latex Mould Release Agent - 5 Litres



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Cemcraft VXRT - Latex Mould Release Agent - 5 Litres

Solvent-Free, vegetable-based liquid release agent (Low odour, non-hazardous, washes off with warm soapy water) for use in all types of moulds (Including latex rubber) used for casting patio slabs, garden ornaments and similar objects.  Especially suited for the melamine moulds commonly used in the manufacture of concrete worktops. 

Cemcraft VXRT is a mould-release agent ready-to-use, formulated as an emulsion from vegetable-based components. 

Cemcraft VXRT is risk-free both for the user and the environment.  Particularly recommended for use on concrete which require perfect surface aspect finishing.

Cemcraft VXRT can be used for non heat cured concrete or up to 50°C curing temperature.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is suitable for ALL moulds including those made from Latex rubber.

This release product can either be sprayed or applied by brush. Cemcraft VXRT must be applied very carefully, in a sufficient quantity but with no excess.  For special support (synthetic or U type) or applications with white cement, it is advisable to run a compatibility test before any particular use.

Shelf Life - 6 months.

See our Products Guide page (found under the Info tab) there you will find technical information on this product.

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