HD - Concrete Hardener & Densifier - Sodium Silicates Based - 1000ml



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HD - Concrete Hardener & Densifier - 1000ml

Cemcraft HD hardens concrete surfaces, prevents penetration of persistent marks and protects against oils and greases. It is designed for surfaces which will be machine polished.  However, it is not a substitute for a high-density concrete mixture which should ALWAYS be used for these applications, rather HD works to further enhance the benefits of this type of mixture.  It WILL give you a more stain resistant and denser concrete which will polish to a better finish.  You WILL need to use other products to complete the finishing process - HD does not replace concrete water reducing plasticisers, sealers and waxes.

Cemcraft HD soaks into the concrete and has two effects:

Strengthening of the crystalline structure of concrete, owing to the development of very hard mineral compounds after HD has reacted with the free basic elements of the material.

Decrease in permeability, owing to the penetration of a polymer resin into the free interstices of the material.

Cemcraft HD is ready to use and must be applied with a paintbrush, a paint roller, a brush, a spray, inside as well as outside.

Cemcraft HD is a soaking product. It must be applied in such a way that it does not remain at the surface (pool, etc.) and penetrates into the material, in order to harden the surface.

If needed, Cemcraft HD can be diluted with water (10 to 20%) in order to enhance its penetration. Coverage will depend on concrete's porosity, one litre should cover between 5 to 10m2.

PLEASE NOTE: Cemcraft HD SHOULD NOT be applied on concrete that has been hardening for LESS than 7 days. 

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