Mica Flakes



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Mica Flakes

Cemcraft's Mica Flakes are designed to be used in concrete or polished plaster.  Available in 50g, 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg and 25Kg pack sizes.  Please Note: Orders 5.0Kgs or larger are considered 'Special Orders' and will take longer to deliver, this can be as long as 7-10 working days althought we aim to get you your product much sooner than that.

Mica flakes can be added to both concrete or plaster to create a shiny 'glitter-effect'.

Achieve spectacular results by adding Mica Flakes to your cast concrete objects. The effect is achieved by sprinkling Mica Flakes onto the surface of the mould after a release agent has been applied. The trick is in getting your concrete mixture in exactly the right consistency. Too dry and the flakes will not adhere themselves to the surface of the concrete, too wet and the mixture will conceal the presence of the flakes as water carrying powdered cement and/or pigment will flow between the mould and the flakes making them disappear into the mixture. Mica flakes will not stand up to foot traffic unless protected by a resin-based sealer.

Mica can also be added to plaster, this is most often used in so-called 'Venetian Polished Plaster' finishes such as Marmorino and others where a decorative, unpainted finish is desired.

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