Orange BA4400 Pigment - 20Kgs



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Orange BA4400 Pigment - 20Kgs

Cemcraft's Orange BA4400 pigment is designed to produce an orange colour in concrete, mortar or render.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you consider using White Cement with this product.

Cemcraft's unique colour pigments are for use in casting patio slabs, garden ornaments or for colouring any wet pour concrete, mortar or render. Sometimes referred to as 'cement dye' or 'mortar dye', the powdered pigment is added as the material is being mixed.

Pigments are added in a ratio relative to the amount of powdered cement in your mix, in most cases somewhere between 4 & 8% (40-80grams of pigment for every kilogram of powdered cement). If you work in pounds and ounces that translates to 1.4 - 2.8 ounces of pigment to every 2.2 lbs of powdered cement. Having said that, there is no 'right' answer to the question 'How much pigment do I need?' Clients have used our pigments in concentrations that vary anywhere from 1/2 of 1% up to 10% (pigments should NEVER be used at more than 10% concentration).

In very general terms you will probably need somewhere between 1.0kgs and 2.0kgs for every 25kgs bag of powdered cement. We cannot be more specific as colour is so subjective and the colour of your finished product depends on a number of different factors - not just how much pigment you use. The colour of the sand & aggregate and the type and colour of powdered cement (standard grey, light grey or white) will also affect the colour of the finished product. White cement will always give you a colour closer to that of the pigment itself, however, as a general rule of thumb use white cement for lighter colours and grey cement for darker colours.

We have created a 'Guide to using Pigments' which is available for download and which will explain all of this in much greater detail. You can find any of our Product Guides by clicking on the link below or they can be found under the 'Info' tab located at the top of any page in our shop.

Please keep in mind that this pigment image and the colour chart can only be used as a rough guide. Every computer monitor renders colours a little differently.

The colours in the colour chart were produced using pigment at 4% or a 1:25 ratio
(1 part pigment to 25 parts powdered cement).

Cemcraft is not responsible for colour issues with any of our pigments, there are simply too many variables beyond our control!

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