T-REX Liquid Concrete Worktop/Floor Wax - Neutral Colour



ID: 302


High Polishing Liquid Wax for polished worktops and floor surfaces. Polishing agent for matt surfaces and those with slight defects and imperfections. Increases the
anti dirt protection on floors. Can be applied on treated surfaces, Great with MGT-6 Nanotechnology Sealant.

T-REX High Polishing Wax: Evenly apply T-REX on the clean and dry surface with circular movements using a
micro-fibre cloth. Allow to dry for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes before polishing with a dry cloth, fine steel wool, a
Mirka Mirlon ™ Finishing Pad or it can be machine buffed with a white Scotch-Brite ™ pad. Concrete must be completely
dry prior to application.

One litre covers 25 - 30 square metres.

Available in 500ml and 1.0 litre containers.

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